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You may have heard of the term before and you may have an idea what it is, but perhaps you're not a hundred percent sure. In simplest terms, I like to describe manga as the Japanese version of comics. But what is the difference between manga and comics? Why do I say I like to create manga, rather than comics?


Well, for starters, there are two obvious differences between the two. The pages of manga are usually done in black and white, while the pages of comics are usually done in color. The other main difference is, the beginning starts at the back of the book. That's right; it means you read from right to left.


Today, we live in the golden age of manga and comics. There are many types of manga out there that you are sure to find on the shelves of any bookstore. While most of our manga comes straight from Japan, I strive to produce it here in America, joining the group of artists that will change how we look at comics in our society.







Akiko is an average girl dealing with the issue of someone close to her living far away. She somehow winds up in another world where darkness rules the land. An old man named Keiji meets up with her and tells her that she is the one who can save the people in this world. But Akiko hates the idea of fighting and takes off, where she meets her darkest fears and becomes further and further away from ever returning home.



Thanks for reading!

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