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Miku's Song

Hello everyone! I have been able to finish my Vocaloid picece, “Miku’s Song” (if you haven’t guessed who/what it is by now)

A little bit about Miku Hatsune is that she is not a real person, but a Vocaloid. A Vocaloid is a music synthesizer program, used for making music. The program was given an image and named Miku Hatsune, becoming the first biggest digital diva this world has seen (find out more info here).

Music has played a big part of my life, and continues to inspire me up to this day. I love all different kinds of music, ranging from a little bit of country to even some rap. My favorite genres are techno, pop, and rock. I really listen to a wide variety of things and am always interested in listening to more.

It is because of the variety of music, that I decided to make a picture of Miku to dedicate to all the musicians out there. Miku can mimic any song, represent any emotion, or any person. As corny as this may sound, Miku has a beat that each of us can all listen to. To me, she is music. Rather than choosing one band or artist to make a picture of, I decided it would only be fair to pick Miku as my dedication to all musicians.

I have another (fan-art) picture already in the works, and you can get a little hint from the photo seen below.

However, I feel like I must put this one aside. I have become very busy with my two part-time jobs and with life getting in the way, I have little time to focus on my art for myself. :c

I would like to announce that I just recently created a tumblr account and am posting/re-blogging things that I like or find inspiring. Feel free to follow me there as well! :3

Thank you for reading!


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