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Draw Daily Challenge!

Did you guys know I challenged myself to a "Draw Daily Challenge"?

I was inspired by Jake Parker's Inktober challenge where you draw something in ink every day for October. I thought, why just October? Why not the whole year! So I created a list of different items to draw for each day. I chose to use my brush pen because it's a tool I want to improve in! I encourage artists from everywhere to join in! Do as much or little as you'd like. See how you improved in a year of drawing something in particular! The list and "rules" (feel free to adjust/change them as much as you'd like), can be found on my deviant art page here.

I will update all my pictures onto that site as well as my tumblr site. Some will be uploaded in my "sketchbook" section here on my site, but to see the majority of what I've done, you'll have to use either of those two sites. Enjoy the drawings and if you're a fellow artist, I hope you have fun with the challenge!

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