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Cat Show!

Hello everyone! A while back, I finished a personal piece of mine: a portrait of my kitty Mona! I've always wanted to have a portrait done of her and when I heard there was a cat-calling :p for the Worcester Art Museum I just knew it was the puuurrfect opportunity to draw a picture of Mona! (I make awful puns: get over it).

This piece is going to be part of my puuurrsonal collection (okay, I'll stop), but you can see it for free in the Higgins Wing until July 24th! (There may be prints available in the future). About Mona:

Mona was abandoned and she adopted me when I met her at the New Hampshire Rescue League... and let me just give a quick shout out to them for being so awesome! (Seriously, they take good care of their animals: not just cats and dogs!) The moment they placed Mona on the table next to me, she rubbed her face against my cheek and I fell in love! It was hard for Mona at first once she knew I was her new mother... I would come home from work and school to hear stories of how she stayed by the door crying for me to come back! (Poor thing was probably afraid I was going to abandon her!) :c I hear these stories less now, so I'm assuming she knows I love her too much: she'll always greet me when I get home unless she's taking a nap.

She still follows me everywhere I go, but for some strange reason, will not sit on my lap and let me pet her! She loves to play and can't be still whenever she gets pets. Overall, she is a wonderful kitty, and I adore her so much! She is polydactyl (doubled-pawed) and can't meow to save her life: but only squeaks. I'm so blessed to have Mona in my life and I'm glad to be able to share a little something with you that brings me so much joy!

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