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The Sketchbook Project

Tropical Mermaids

Hello everyone! This past winter, I've been working in a small sketchbook to participate in what is known as "The Sketchbook Project". In short, people all around the world draw in a sketchbook and send it to a special library located in New York City. The sketchbooks for that year will go on tour, then become a permanent book in the collection. People can come in, explore, and check out the sketchbooks. Some of the sketchbooks have been scanned and you can browse them in the online catalog. I contributed to this project and used the words "space" and "underwater" as my inspiration. You can look at my book here (catalog number 352.30-2), and if you've been following me on social media, you can see all the illustrations there.

This year, the tour includes...

The Historic Distillery District in Toronto, Canada

July 27th-July 29th

Hyde Park Arts Center in Chicago, Illinois

August 3td-August 5th

Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia

September 21st-September 23rd If you're in the area around those times, please check out the event and look out for my sketchbook!

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