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Beyond the Book Exhibition

My latest piece, "Cara and Lightfoot" will be on display at the Boston's Faneuil Library Branch until January 11th. These are character's from Bruce Coville's Unicorn series starting with the first book "Into the Land of the Unicorns".

I loved this book growing up and remember buying it at Walden Books. I read it, and soon after, purchased the second one. The year must've been around 2002, so the internet was still fairly new, and if you wanted your own website you either used Geo-cities, used LiveJournal or used MySpace. I wanted to read the third one, but it was not yet published. I searched everywhere and could find no info of a release date nor anything indicating that it was being worked on. Sadly, I put the book back on my shelf, forgotten.

Skip forward to 2019, and I hear about this book exhibition. Of course my mind went straight to Harry Potter, but then I remembered that unfinished series. I looked online and low and behold, the series has been completed! What better time than to re-read my childhood favorite book and dedicate some art for it? I will have to admit, the first two books didn't seem to hold up from over the years, but I could see Coville's work improved as I started reading the third book. I believe the fourth and last book, "The Last Hunt" was my favorite, and would still recommend the whole series to any kid or teen. I never read too many books besides the ones we had to read in school on account I was so busy with homework and friends. I did read a fair amount, but not as much as I would've liked. I switched to manga since then, but slowly getting back into novels and self-help books and "life-hacks" Anyways, here is a portrait of the first unicorn that appears in the series, Lightfoot who can be a little too curious as far as a unicorn goes and is sometimes treated as an outcast by family for being such. Cara is the little girl, and is holding her grandmother's necklace which transports her into the magical world of Luster. They are surrounded by purple flowers... a breed that is not known to Earth.

The opening reception is November 9th at 11:30 am in the Faneuil Branch. The work is for sale and part of the proceeds goes to the library. I would love it for you to come and answer any questions you may have. More works may also be seen at the Brighton Branch. Hope to see you there!



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